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Hard working and knowledgeable agent.  Well known and respected in the community. Supports charitable causes. Tom and Janet Sala, Harrisburg, PA

Thank you David!!!!  I was very pleased with your handling of the sale of my condo.  Your are a professional who knows what he is doing.  You demonstrated great skill negotiating the sale and helping me get a fair price for my property.  Thanks again.  Christine Chico

A person’s character, integrity and their professionalism, that tells me much. How they treat a stranger or a friend in need, that speaks volumes to me.
Well, you honor your word, do what you say, conduct your business with professionalism and have great work ethic. In addition, you are charitable and always looking for ways to self improve. No, you are not the average person, you are one of a kind and I am honored to call you my friend. Lina Henriques 

David (Chirico) is one of the most giving, selfless persons I’ve ever met. When I was active with nonprofits benefiting at-risk children and their families, David was always available to help with fundraisers and promote my causes. I have also attended a great number of his other Networking to Help Children events and have observed him interacting with the charities, attendees and vendors, all in an extremely caring, passionate–and professional way. He’s simply “The Best”. Vivianne Hall

As Realtors and a Real Estate experience are concerned, you’re Tops in my book! I would not hesitate to use you again, nor would I hesitate to recommend you, which I have numerous times!! Jim McConville

“David is methodical in his approach to his clients and always looks out for their best interests. His philanthropic ways are hard to match as he gives so much of his time to many needy organizations I don’t know when he had time to work!.”
Colin Forte

“There was no category for me to select that reflects the nature of our business involvement… so I selected this one. I would be proud to work – in ANY capacity – with Dave Chirico. I have found him to be diligent, honest, dedicated and quite honorable. A born leader, growing as he learns more, willing to change in perception and process. He’s ONE of the really good-guys and NO, he didn’t pay me to say any of this, I really and honestly feel this way 😉 Rev. Dr. Joy Braverman; Founder of The Starrien 501 (c)(3) NPO AND international Recruiter, personal trainer of iNet Marketing Systems”
Joy Braverman

“Dave is a great guy and a great Realtor he is a real pleasure to work with. I have never seen anyone with as much energy as Dave, he is amazing. Dave is a real pro and I would recommend him anytime.”  Bryan Daly

“David is a hard working, honest and very experienced Realtor. He also is very involved with raising money for good causes. David is a unique person who works hard and has a big heart!”  Al Hayward

“David is a true professional in every sense! He always has his client’s best interest at heart!”  Claudia Murphy, MBA

“David is a fine person, a pleasure to work with and has a tremendous amount of integrity. I would recommend him anytime.  Arlene Monti

“I highly recommend David Chirico. He is an excellent partner with great ideas and innovative skills. Working with David has always been a great success. He is a master at solving problems and knows how to get the job done, quickly and effectively. My highest recommendation goes to David Chirico for his honest, working, and always creative attitude to complete any task.”  Mike Thomas

“David Chirico is Palm Beach County’s greatest, and most active mover and shaker. He has helped many companies to succeed via strategic relationships, referrals, and hard work. His willingness to help, courtesy and ethics are beyond reproach, and are quite clear once you been around him a few times. His benevolence is easily recognized, as he holds monthly (if not more) events to raise funds for many great causes, and non profit organizations. David is a diamond in Palm Beach, and I am honored to be in his amazingly vast circle of friends.”  Ron Walters

“David was one of the first networkers we met when we moved to PBG a little over a year ago. We found him to be very professional in his presentation to others, always willing to help his fellow human being whether it is business related or humanitarian; David is always giving of himself. I respect David as an individual, as a professional and as a go getter! IF you are looking for someone that goes outside the norm, that person would be David Chirico..”  Cindy June

“David’s dedication to charity and giving back is unrivaled. It is central to who he is and his approach to being a member of the greater Palm Beach County community.”
Matt Marcus

“David is a super person who takes his career as a real estate professional to a different level. David is all about helping others to succeed whether it is for the purchase of a property or helping out with charities….David is a leader in his field.”
Susan Polan, PA

“When it comes to real Estate, David is the one to go to. He’s is connected to the local community in so many ways. Whether it be for a sale, rental, purchase, or management, David provides the vital service of knowing where to find all the ancillary services that one may need. David knows who to go to and how to get you there. Additionally, David has a heart of gold. His philanthropic endeavors involves many local and national charities. He is always the first to get in and make things happen and involves his vast network of friends, family, customers, and prospects. Lastly, as the President and founder of The Best of the Best Networking Group, David brings together a vast group of professions, both in the trades category as well as professional peoples. His desire to help others succeed makes him a beacon for those who wish to develop relationships outside their own sphere groups. I am honored to be able to recommend this individual.”  Richard Hartman

“David is very professional and always tries to help his associates in any manner he can. He also is involved in many charities. He is an asset to Illustrated Properties.”
Nancy Maione

“I have known Dave for over 15 Years. Dave’s knowledge of the professional real estate industry coupled with his dedication and hands on approach makes him a true professional. Dave is a dynamic sales professional with the ability to develop deep and long-lasting relationships with his clients, colleagues, and everyone! His enthusiasm is contagious and his energy is boundless. Dave’s philanthropic accomplishments and endeavors involve many local and national charities and I am proud to recommend him.”
Michael G. Lello

“David is one of the most sincere genuine people I have had the pleasure of knowing. He has energy like the Energizer Bunny and not only manages his Real Estate, his Property Management Group and his Networking group, but he does it with a smile everyday. Whether you are looking for any of those services, you have found the right man to help you!”  Blair Chandley

“I can tell you from experience that David Chirico is the calibur of person and business professional that you want to work with and know as a person as he is has ethics and values that more people need to aspire to. A pleasure to know and to work with. He is well known and respected in the community I highly recommend David.”
Lawrence Ingwell

“David is a highly energetic, motivated, and experienced individual willing to work long hours in the help and service of others. Additionally, he is a relationship oriented individual with excellent interpersonal and rapport-building abilities. I would not hesitate to highly recommend David both personally and professionally.”
Howard Siegel

“I have known David for nearly 10 years and have had various business involvments with him. He is professional, very thorough and diligent in his actions. I very much look forward to working with David again in the future.”  Mark Grosshanten

“Dave is the “go to” person when you need to find anyone for any service. He is a wonderful resource and a networker extraordinaire.”  Rosemary Diehl

“Dave is an amazing networker. He has done an outstanding job of connecting with people within Palm Beach County. His steadfast dedication to philanthropic roots has been seen by the hundreds if not thousands of people whom have attended his monthly “Networking for the Children” benefits. He is a good friend, an excellent business resource and a model community leader. I whole-heartedly recommend doing business with Dave.”
Alec Hartman

“I’ve known David for almost 15 years and he is a true professional who loves what he does. It shows in all aspects of his work, you’ll find him a pleasure to work with. He’s been here for many years and knows his market like no one else does. He and Illustrated Properties have an outstanding reputation in the community. I would highly recommend him.” Susan Anderson

“David Chirico is a very strong believer in working well with individuals to provide honest and fair services. His displays high ethics and values. I have known him in the business community for quite awhile.” June Collins

“The hallmark of Dave’s success is his positive attitude! He is hard working, knowledgeable and responsive, but his desire to help people and get the job done surpasses the average real estate agent by miles. I heartily recommend Dave to anyone needing a caring, competent Realtor.”  Cheryl Reynolds Linck

“David has an incredible grasp of how to use network marketing to communicate with his clients, prospects and business partners. He is extremely well connected with leaders from a variety of industries. Get to know David. He will help you grow your business and presence through the local business strategic alliances.” Michael Fieger

“David is the go to person for many people here in the area. He is reliable, well organized and has pulled off many real estate deals for me and colleagues of mine. He is full of ambition and has been a personal friend for many years, “he is one of the most reliable people I know.  Christopher T. Wilson

“David is extremely educated and updated in his field and excels in customer needs and services. He works with many personalities and has a gift for always making each person feel special. David is #1 in his field. I highly recommend him.” Elaine Maitland

“David Chirico is a high energy dynamic individual that has the know how and has the connections to get the results needed. He really cares about people and from my personal experience will bend over backwards to help guide people toward achieving their own success. He’s a one of a kind and I would highly recommend David to anyone needing his services or just needing some inspiration.” James Woolfe

“David’s commitment to charitable organizations is impressive. I appreciate all that David does to promote Illustrated as a company that cares for our communities and the world.”
Stephen Dutcher

“I have worked with Dave in two areas, residential and commercial real estate. Dave has show a high attention to detail combined with professionalism in both of these distinctly different markets.When I refer Dave a customer I know they will be treated both cordially and responsibly. It has been over these last few years where we see the professionalism or lack of it come out in local business. I work with Dave because he is in for the long haul. He is accessible not just in the good times; but the troubled times we are currently experiencing. Dave is a true professional.” Richard Mcclintock

“I met David Chirico when I joined his business network, The Best of the Best Network. I was very impressed with the professionalism of his group and his dedication to helping the members to grow their businesses. David’s motto is “Givers Gain,” and he embodies that motto by consistently giving more business referrals than anyone else in his network. His concern for others is evident in the theme of his frequent networking events, Networking to Help Children, which benefit various local, national, and international children’s charities. David is a genuine person with heart who takes a personal interest in the interests of his clients and seeks to add value to the life of every individual he meets. He is a great resource and very knowledgeable in all facets of Florida living.”
Sharon Cedrone

“I first met David at a Business Networking event and we’ve kept in touch over the ten years since. Some words that come to mind when I describe David are caring, professional and energetic. He has a natural ability to connect people with property and businesses with businesses… and is one of the most passionate and personable individual you’ll ever meet. David truly goes “above and beyond” for every client he serves.”
Penny Cummings

“Dave is an excellent realtor and property manager.”
Lucy Ferris

David Chirico went above and beyond helping us find our home in Florida. Because we were coming in from Connecticut to look, David would give us his undivided attention. He spent countless hours over many weekends until we found the perfect community. Being very efficient and knowledgeable, he was once even able to show us 24 homes in a period of two days. After we located our home, David introduced us to the inspectors, mortgage companies and contractors we needed. I don’t think we would have been able to accomplish what we did with another Realtor.  Vera and Jeff Baron
“We cannot thank David enough.  His advice, marketing skills, and guidance were invaluable.  We have told all of your friends how pleases we were with him as our agent.  This letter is our way of expressing our appreciation.  We can’t thank him enough for finding the perfect home for us”  Rochelle Astad, Boynton Beach, FL

“David Chirico was very professional and helpful in our recent real estate transaction.  Prior to closing he was thorough and patient in helping us find our current home.  Because of his home management experience, he was especially helpful in lining up painters, carpet people and other services for us after closing.  I would recommend David to anyone seeking to buy or sell real estate.”  Scott GriswoldJupiter, FL

“I have known David for many years. He knows how to give referrals and take care of his clients. David is one of the most caring people I know. He will help anyone he can. His networking mixers and many other charitable efforts are proof of that. If you want to work with someone who cares about others and is knowledgeable in his work then I would recommend you call David.” John Carr

“I am a CPA and at times have clients that need the assistance of a Realtor. I recently sent a client to Dave and her remarks regarding his service to her were over the top. I am always willing to send Dave our firm’s clients due to the service he provides.”
Mark Feldmesser

“He is the most enthusiastic and dedicated mentor/leader I’ve ever had. He has encouraged and gone out of his way to bring clients to me and to assist me with events as well. Speaking of events? David is a very generous contributor to many charities and practically weekly has charitable events. He truly is a tremendous ‘giver’ in this north county area. I am in his own, networking group and I could not imagine not having the connections and referrals that this group has provided me. It is a pleasure to have him as not only my business leader, but as a wonderful customer.”  Kim Roetzer

“Dave has an excellent reputation in our area, both as a consummate real estate professional and as an involved and passionate civic leader. He is professional and knowledgeable, while also being warm and engaging. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing professional real estate services. When I get ready to sell my house, he’s the person I’ll be calling!”  Kelly Fanelli

“David is a true professional. He returned phone calls and emails very quickly and always knows his stuff. I would recommend David.”  Matthew Blum

“We had the pleasure of not only working for Dave with his personal Real Estate pursuits but also with Dave’s clients that sang his praises. Each one of Dave’s clients always seemed very pleased with his hard work and service. He’s not only an outstanding and knowledgeable Realtor, he’s also top at his game for helping his fellow business partner with referrals. Dave is definitely a professional “Go Too” guy and I feel confident with anyone I’d refer to him for business.” Nicole Clark

“David Chirico is truly the “Realtor With An Appetite” who can Bring You Much More than You Expected.” Sherrie Chastain

“The best way in which I can describe David is”Service above Self!” Not only true to his profession, but more importantly; true to others, and true to himself. David is not only philanthropic in the community with charitable ventures,but gives of his time to children and adults less fortunate. We do business with people, not companies. I can truly state unequivocally he is a Gentlemen of Substance and Character, and HE is the go to guy if you are looking for someone to achieve your goals as well as your objectives.”
Gary Marcus

“David Chirico is a natural leader. He works well with everyone and is definitely a team player. David is always open to suggestions from others and never feels like his way is the only way. He is an awesome person to get to know and is always thinking of others before himself. He is a philanthropist who is always looking to help the next person in need. I recommend David Chirico for anything that he pursues.”  Linda Gaddy

“David is a wonderfully professional yet highly personable human being. He is a pleasure to work with, true to his word and follows through with everything he strives for whether it is for a client, a cause or a friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend him.”
Kelly Hanna

“David is a Realtor who keeps himself updated on all the changes in the Real estate market and passes all the important information on. I would highly recommend David for A Real Estate Agent.”  Dorena Beckerman

“As a New Home Consultant for Kolter Homes, I value all of my relationships and networking opportunities within the real estate community. David is one of the realtors at the top of my list!”  Ellen Snow

“David is extremely helpful; a result oriented and places the needs of his business associates above his own. You can expect professional results when you work with him, and I honor his commitment to charitable fundraising.”  Lynne Rifkin

“David is truly an expert in the Palm Beach County real estate market. David is a great listener and will take whatever time is required to fully understand your needs and will know exactly what you’re looking for in a new home. He will not waste your valuable time showing you properties that do not meet your criteria. David represents, either buyer or seller in a very professionally manner. Regardless of your side of the Real Estate equation you can’t lose when you engage David with your needs.”  Mark London

“High ethics and good judgment. Professional in his industry who give sound and fair advice. Looks out for his clients even if the advice might not be to make a sale. I things for the long run.” John Voigt

“There is not a more dedicated man in Palm Beach County when it comes to supporting a friend or client with their business & or their greatness. Ask and you will receive. If it’s possible, Dave will help you!”  Dianes Beautyworks

“David claims to be a “Realtor With an Appetite”, and that’s true, he has an appetite for helping others, whether it is real estate, networking or raising money for charitable organizations, he goes above and beyond. Congratulations, David, for all the great work you do in helping to make a difference.”  Ginny Russian

“I have had the pleasure of working with David periodically over the last year. He is energetic, organized and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend David to anyone with Real Estate or marketing needs in South Florida.”  David J. Cowan, Sr.

“I have known David for several years and find his work ethic impeccable. He is a very effective networker in the real estate industry, with the underlying goal of helping others achieve their goals. Also, this man has a real heart for children in need and holds monthly functions to raise money for these needs. He is great asset to the community and to Illustrated Properties Real Estate, Inc.”  Bob Tait

“David’s passion for giving back is awe inspiring. No one really wants people to remember us by saying he (or she) was very professional, although David clearly is that. They will say David graciously and selflessly helped others.”  Darcy La Fountain

“David represents his company in a very positive and professional way – he gives back to the community. Through his networking groups he has raised substantial money for non-profits that benefit children. He is well known for his philanthropic efforts and for this reason alone I would recommend him as a realtor to anyone that needs one. In addition, David is very personable and easy to get to know.”  Karen Gray

“I have known David for almost a year, and am very impressed with not only his drive and energy. But is continued desire to put his interests behind those of others. He has referred me business, and has asked little in return.”  Steve Friedman

“I have had the pleasure to work with David on several occasions and find him to be pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional and an expert in his field. I would highly recommend using David Chirico’s services when given the opportunity, or when needed. Helen.”   Helen Ishaq

“David is a smart, savvy Realtor that works hard and has always been a top agent in the company. I am happy to have him as a colleague at Illustrated Properties. I can recommend him highly.”  Jim Corbin

“David Chirico is a model business executive in our community. I have known David personally for over twenty years and have conducted many successful projects. His prompt response and easy going nature make working with David a pleasurable experience. It would be an asset to anyone’s career to have Dave behind their project.”
Greg Scirotto

“David is the master of networking and have been involved in several of his groups. David has always displayed the utmost professionalism and puts others first. His support and efforts for charities is amazing. If you ever get a chance to attend one of his functions go! You won’t be disappointed.”  Victor Miskanic

“David is an outstanding community leader.”  Jose Uzal

“David is a unique individual who is able to bring passion to everything he does almost dedicating himself too much to a task. When you hire Dave you can be assured that he will work very hard and keep your best interests in mind.”  David Quartell

“David Chirico is an extremely professional, busy, detail person. He knows absolutely everyone in the area. That is the person I would want listing my house….someone who knows and is known by everyone.”  Robin Reams

“Met David at an overview session for our CBIT (Customized Business Industry Training) from Palm Beach State College’s CCE (Corporate and Continuing Education) program in Social Media. Been in touch with him afterwards via Facebook and LinkedIN, amazed at David’s ability to network and positively impact his community through his events. I am certain this makes David a well renowned member of his circle of friends, acquaintances and networking peers.”  Francisco Jose Palacio, Junior

“David knows his market and can always be depended on for the best information. As a custom builder, I know it’s all about location. David knows that to and I can rely on his knowledge.”  Brett Handler

“David is an outstanding real estate broker who consistently demonstrates his commitment to extraordinary customer service and professionalism; day after day, week after week, year after year. He’s knowledgeable about the market, the process and what it takes to get a real estate deal closed in this transaction climate. Bring your Visa card – they don’t call him “the Realtor with an appetite” for nothing!”  Ronald Sadaka

“David Chirico was our real estate agent when we move to south Florida.  We were in an extreme hurry to find a home.  Dave spent a long weekend with us and with his help we found a terrific house at a great price. Our introduction to Florida was made easier with Dave’s knowledge of the area and understanding of our need.”   Susan PetersonLake Worth, FL

David Chirico first represented me two years ago with the purchase of my waterfront property in North Palm Beach.  At that time similar homes were selling from $220,000 to $250,000.  He negotiated a price of $185,000, which was well under list price.  Dave also negotiated to have the buyer complete approximately $10,000 worth of improvements on the home before closing.  In addition, we purchased the home from a professional investor who regularly buys and sells homes.  To this day my neighbors tell me what a great deal I hot.  David remained dedicated to my purchased from start to finish and focused my best interests at all times.  He simply outworked, outperformed, and out negotiated Eric Pruitt, the sellers representation, and I felt lucky to have Dave on my team.

Recently, I learned that I needed to relocate and sell my home.  Once again, I turned to David Chirico.  I signed with Dave on Thursday, and within 30 minutes I had my first showing.  By the following Monday my house was sold.  David quickly identified several potential loopholes in the contract and tool measure to protect me.  In four days he had shown the house approximately two dozen times.  I have several close friends who are also realtors and across the board they all felt my home would never sell for more than $250,000, but I place my confidence in Dave’s experience and it paid of.  My house sold for $317,500.  In less than a week I had earned just under $150,000 thanks to David Chirico.  I believe the most important attributed to look for in realtor are experience, dedication, and most importantly motivation.  I know of no other realtor who possesses these qualities as strongly as Dave Chirico.  Zach Canaday, North Palm Beach


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